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10,000 million to restructure debt ?

 a program of debt restructuring is necessary

" The world is a dangerous place. Not because of those who do evil, but because of those who do nothing to stop it ." Albert Einstein

Banks were responsible for "rescue" large companies, as they have size and legislation that allows them to negotiate and renegotiate their debts, " Foundation " in payment, remove , etc. . ( Bargaining power ) The Government has " rescued " banks , thanks to " all citizens " and the question is who rescues small businesses , self-employed and families?

The problem is not just the unemployed, whose numbers are increasing at an alarming rate . The problem also is a decrease in revenue , growing part of the population and consequently adding of SMEs . The point is that the reduction in income can not be so easily accompany a reduction in spending by small businesses and families. Elasticity and impede the reduction commitments , plus there are still basic expenses continue to rise, particularly financial .

More and more of the population is doomed to " poverty," partly due to the lack of mechanisms to adjust income and expenses, despite having heritage. But the problem is that you can not " settle " because there is no market and there is the only shark that is seeking to exploit the situation . What is really bad is the "miserable" performance of the power that is not able to understand what is happening.

Needed liquidity to the system so that people can sort income and expenses without losing everything, absolutely everything, and above without warranty of economic and social survival .

And now I wake up to the news that a German bank will provide credit to SMEs through the ICO. We are in business as usual. Sounds like a good idea, the problem is that if they start with conditions limiting end going nowhere . And the self ? What about the families? And for the record I do not think only mortgages. The problem is much more extensive. People need liquidity , people want to pay and can not even sell assets , except at the cost of being " ripped off." 10,000 million is little .. little .

He read Joseph Stiglitz talk about restructuring the debt of states and that this was not the end of the world and I think that a restructuring of the debt of small businesses , freelancers and families would not be the end of the world . Otherwise is to condemn many citizens and small businesses to pay even more expensive crisis. The financial sector and the sharks are getting the "boot"

Do you work for own account or for others ?

The dilemma that many people have is " self-employed or employed ." But the truth is, if you think about it , there is no such dilemma. Today , there is not "comfortable" ( for many) enjoyed stability for decades, but , otherwise , " suffer " an uncomfortable instability and uncertainty forces us to change our approach and be on constant alert .

There is no paid employment , work for us, even though circumstantial and temporarily the fruit of our work " flow " through an industrial , commercial or civil contract (hehe ) .

Our careers, our " relationship" with the "market" will , " likely " to suffer the asymmetry of the circumstances , and we will have times of self , periods of employment ( employment contract ) , or even both at once. We may also accumulate minijobs , but we must not forget is that we always work on their own, the other is a " euphemism " . You have to know who " leads " our destiny. And if it may be our heart. We must learn to work together , to cooperate, to negotiate, to lead, to take initiative , and share our inicitiva ...

10 Tips to "be" more interesting

How to be more interesting (10 stupid-easy steps)
by Jessica Hagi (Forbes)

  What to do to be more interesting

Apparently, these 10 rules somewhat stupid (says the author) but can run you.

1. Explore ideas, places and reviews

2. Share what you discover

3. Do something. Anything. Dances, dialogues, create, Get Involved, playing, support, built.

4. Accept yourself, exactly. Accept your peculiaridas and singularities. No one is "normal"

5. Have a cause to fight

6. Minimize your arrogance

7. Test new ideas,

8. Get out of the car. If everyone is doing it, you've come late to the party

9. Coexists with the "counter torque"

10. Ignore the reviews

Trust, expectations?

A funny example of what the crisis is ... Lack of confidence in the future. And that is what is happening in Spain , are killing the confidence , but especially expectations.

There was once a citizen who lived beside a road where he sold sandwiches.

I was very busy and therefore could not hear the radio, or watching television . And consequently , their scarce time not allowed to read newspapers. But yes, a good selling snacks.

He rented a piece of land , put a large sign announced its merchandise and screaming his lungs : "Buying delicious hot sandwiches ! " And people bought them .

Increased acquisition of bread and meat. He bought a bigger better deal to trade stall. And both worked , he arranged for his son to leave the University where he studied Business Administration to help him.
But then something important , his son said

- " 'Father , but listen to the radio or not you read the papers , we are facing severe crisis, the situation is downright bad , could not be worse ... "

The father thought :

- " My son is studying in college, reading the newspapers , television and vee listening to radio. Know what it says. "

Bought therefore less bread and less meat , pulled the label , left the land rent in order to eliminate costs and not announced their sandwiches .

And sales were declining every day.

The father said :

- " You were right, my son, we are truly experiencing a serious crisis. "

Crisis and future effort and confidence from fear
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Message Map: How To Pitch Anything In 15 Seconds
I find it interesting the preparation of a "pitch " through the development of a message map

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Eating the best and traditional in London

After traveling , walking and even rest in various ways on our trip to London, a tourist always try to find the best to eat , having a lot of data that are part of everyday life of Londoners .

If at one time you crave ask sausages , beef or chicken or just vegetarian, just ask any of the dishes that are prepared in London , having a lot of restaurants to be able to please your palate . For example , if you love the city of London sausage you can buy some of his proposals , one of the most common one in which you will accompany a delicious mashed potatoes. This is one of the first treats that usually test those visiting the city of London on holiday.

Meat in different terms to enjoy in London

Besides sausages, a good meatloaf can be ideal for testing in London , which can be chicken or mushroom also proposals that are very delicious at the time of filling our stomach with something really sensational for our taste and palate. There is also the famous roast beef , which is nothing more than beef in different preparations and in this regard , you should be very specific about the term you want on your plate with meat , ie , well done , medium or little made .

A short walk through the different streets of the city of London we will find some places that sell the delicious fish and chips, which is nothing more than a plate of hake and chips. In short, a whole variety of dietary approaches that may come to break our diet are what we can find in the city of London.